Disclaimer: This is merely based off my personal opinion which has been formulated through eye witness accounts and professional associations. It may offend some, and if it does, you just might be part of the Fake Hollywood—OR, a groupie of a Fake Hollywood member. No harm intended—just take it for what it’s worth.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

BOGUS Award Goes To.....CRUNK!

Definition of Bogus: fraudulent; having a misleading appearance.

I spent 80% of the year 2008 dedicated to CRUNK Magazine based in Atlanta. I served as their editorial director and helped with infrastructure organization. The reason I left CRUNK? The issue never came out. The owner strung myself and the entire staff along for the whole year. This particular issue was ready to be published in May 2008. To date it has not been printed as promised.

One day, I decided to google my full name. To my surprise the entire issue that me and my staff worked tirelessly on appeared on www.slideshare.net. The publisher of CRUNK Magazine (his name isn't hard to find...do some research) has created the image that this magazine had been published and released per this site. The worst part is, he did not have the decency to contact the staff to inform them that he was promoting the magazine as an online entity, at least. It had also been reported by a former staff writer that a publicist had a "clip" from a past issue that had not been published either. People from this issue still have not been compensated for their hard work (that's not to count the inquiries I've gotten about payment regarding staff from issues before I took on the EIC role). So, what really is going on?

Looks like a major case of fakeness to me. Reeling people into your projects all to have them not come out and then promote the product behind people's backs is not cool. Guess it makes that person look good though. The Fake Hollywood BOGUS Award goes to CRUNK MAGAZINE!

(I have stories for days about the wrongdoings with this magazine, but that'll all come out in the case study book I am working on!)

Friday, June 19, 2009


Choklate, hip-hop soul artist out of Seattle definitely knows how to live life! Her new album "To Whom It May Concern" is now available in stores and on various online shopping sites like Amazon. Take a minute to feel good and be yourself--even if it is for just the whole 4 minutes of the song! :-)


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday Rant: Trendy Interracial Dating

So, I was on twitter perusing the various comments being posted and this is what I came across:

@slimdollars Not gonna shout my man name out. But I just seen my [man] with the meanest white girl. Snowflakes are so the move for the summer. Don't hate!!

(Before you ask his race--which I think is obvious fro
m his statement--he is a black man)

3....2...1...your reaction?? Well, mine was pure disgust. Yes, disgusted. It amazes me that this type of racial ignorance STILL really does exist. I am a product of a uniquely ethnic mix--my mom (white--Irish, German, American Indian) and dad (black--Black American, Some line of European, and Cuban Ancestry)--so anything dealing with race hits close to home for me. Why?? Because I live and breath this type of racial ignorance from both sides of the color spectrum.
I had a black man tell me years back that he could have dated me because I was "white enough" but my attitude was "too black." WTF??? And, then I had white men that wanted to date me because to them I looked "exotic." Come on now....REALLY??

It's guys like this that give us light skinned chicks a bad rap. Do you know how many looks of anger I get when people see me with my brown skinned husband? He feels, I feel it...it's just not cool! Are we really still so caught up in this dating thing that race is looked at as a trend....or a thing to do?? Is it still cool for a black man to have a light skinned, latino, or white chick by their side??? I really thought those days were over.

Now, let's reverse it. Let's say a white man said this: "I'm not going to put my buddy all out there like that. But, I just seen him with the meanest black girl. Dark Chocolate Bunnies are the thing for the summer. Don't get mad at me buddy!" RRRRRight! How many people would actually get pissed off if that came from a white man (or any other race for that matter)? It doesn't even sound right.

Oh yeah, and just like these black men are bragging about their "snowflakes," these same chicks are bragging about dating their "fine piece of black man." How do I know? Again, I've seen it all (or at least a whole lot!). It's true that both sides are still obviously mesmerized by skin color. Please don't get me started about the whole slave mentality. Yes, it still exists. The lighter the skin does not mean the better the person...TRUST!

I could go on and on about my racial take on things. But, I would have to start a separate blog just for that! (Hmmm....definitely something to think about!)I'm simply going to wrap up by saying: Don't let your ignorant state of mind be in the way of truly having a genuine relationship.Peace!

Monday, June 15, 2009


One thing I have noticed is how people compare themselves to famous people, but they are lacking that GRIND to even put them in that same class. Here are some examples:

Case Study #1: A consultant's client has a great media product. The consultant meets with client several times to help put him on the right path. Client claims to be DIDDY, himself. Client convinces consultant that his grind level is just that high. This was in the very beginning of this professional relationship. Within a couple months, consultant is doing more work than necessary. Why? Because the consultant believes in the client's product. But, what is lacking? The "Diddy" grind the client staked claimed to. What the client expected was a group of people to do the work for his product, but client simply wanted to tell the team what his demands were for his product. The client had an amazing product, but was not willing to do anything with it (ie. online promotions, networking, street marketing, etc.) In fact, he wasn't paying anyone volunteering for his product. When it came time to promote an event, the consultant had to push the client to come out and promote his own stuff. It was clear that client wanted to enjoy the glory that came to him after the event without lifting a finger. Throughout the course of this professional relationship, the client said things like "I want to be like Diddy and sit in my office telling people what needs to be done." It was clear that the client was living in a very delusional world!

Now, there is nothing wrong with admiring someone like Diddy; but, clearly this client had a fuzzy reality. (1) The client skipped in his thought process what Diddy had to do to even get himself to his current state of success. (2) Diddy, even now, does not just sit in his office telling people what to do! Come on now--4 hours a sleep per day. (3) Diddy actually pays his staff legitimately. (4) Diddy lives and breathes his grind.

This client has been stamped as FAKE HOLLYWOOD for claiming to be Diddy when the grind did not match the level of time, effort, and energy Diddy initially put into his career (and still continues to do so) to catapult him to the next level.


Sunday, June 14, 2009



Christianity: Luke 14:11 "For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted." (NIV)

Islam: “And turn not your face away from men with pride, nor walk in insolence through the earth. Verily, God likes not each arrogant boaster.” (Quran 31:18)

There are other religions, I know, and all emphasize humility. Just something to think about since a lot of the braggers and boasters like to bring a higher power into the mix.

Stay Blessed!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Keeping It Real Spotlight--WordSmith

WordSmith is an emcee coming to us straight from Baltimore, MD. From mixtapes, major press, podcasts, marketing deals, widespread performances, and a scheduled appearance (with Chubb Rock) on the Jimmy Kimmel Show in July 2009--to just name a few--this guy really manages to keep himself down-to-earth. He currently has a mixtape "A Crack In The Bridge" with legendary Chubb Rock. The mixtape is not filled with the typical flashy fantasy themes that seem to invade both the mainstream and underground circuit. It's a breath of fresh air! After listening to the lyrically advanced mixtape, I am looking forward to hearing what more WordSmith plans to deliver. "A Crack In The Bridge"is a prelude to the highly anticipated collaborative album "Bridging The Gap" set to be released on July 13.

On Twitter:
Wordsmithmusic@FakeHollywood Thanks alot for everything you said. I am def down to earth & I will never be a member of Fake Hollywood.

For a free download of "A Crack In The Bridge" Click Here!!

Website: www.wordsmithmusic.com

MySpace: myspace.com/classicwordsmithmusic

Youtube: www.youtube.com/wordsmith42

Podcast: www.wordsmith.podomatic.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/wordsmithmusic

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Are you a SKUNK??

Abraham Lincoln, as the 16th President of the United States, stated "What kills a skunk is the publicity it gives itself." Yeah, think about it.

A skunk is typically considered an unfavorable animal to be around--but wh
at let's people really know it's around is the signature aromatic spray. The scent that just makes everyone one run for the hills. Please don't let yourself be sprayed by the skunk--this could be the very thing that makes YOU stink and keep people away from you. There's a reason why a skunk is not accepted as a housepet.

So, where am I going with this? NO ONE LIKES A SKUNK! Here are a few examples of skunk twitters I found that really stood out:[Disclaimer: I do not know these people personally, so this is not an attack. I'm just using their words to make my point :-) This again is simply based on my observations. If they get upset for me putting their stuff out there; well, the apology will be pending.]

@GrandHustleDro http://twitpic.com/71sc7 i waz da freshest nigga in da country

@A_MixFit I am good morning-ning the ish outta folks..im so nice

I could really go on and on with the endless list of Skunkisms; but, I won't. I will continue to say that there really is no point in telling people what you are, or stating that you are "nice", "fly", "the best in [insert geographical region]". Did you ever hear Mother Teresa (RIP) saying how she was the *ish for saving the entire world? How about other major leaders such as Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein, or even Jesus, for that matter? The thing that keeps these people grounded is that they keep a sense of humility. Believe it, or not, it will get you far.

Other people really aren't too keen on people popping their collars and seeking recognition. The public knows you're there, but do you really have to spray your stankiness?? If you think people will look up to you while you continue to go down this path, please step out of your imaginary world. Again, those who are really doing something don't go around flaunting to gain recognition.

Someone who is true and comfortable being themselves can live and breath without seeking the profound acknowledgment of others. These skunks are seeking something--but whatever it is they are seeking doesn't ever seem to have a positive effect. I never met anyone that has had a very positive memory associated with the stank...I mean, skunk :-)

Keeping It Real At All Times,